Board Members 2023-2024 

The Virginia Fire Prevention Association Board of Directors is comprised of two groups, the Executive Board and Regional Representatives.  The Executive Board is comprised of 7 elected positions that serve as directed in the VFPA Trust Agreement.  The Regional Representatives/Chairs are appointed members of the board to serve the membership in their respective areas.  More information on the region representatives can be found at VFPA Regions.  


Gerry Maiatico   


Austin Cucciardo 

Delegate At Large - Western

Robert Paxton

Region 3 Chair

Matt O'Daniel

Region 6 Chair

Jonathan Bowden

1st Vice President

Mike Armstrong 


Jimmy Csizmadia

Region 1 Chair

Keith Buchanan

Region 4 Chair

Mike Yingling

Region 7 Chair

Steve Sites

2nd Vice President

Shawn Maddox 

Delegate At-Large - Eastern

Steve Phillips  

Region 2 Chair

Mark Showers

Region 5 Chair

William Brown

Immediate Past President

Jeremy Luttrell

VFPA Board Contact List 2023-24

    President                            Gerry Maiatico                                  540-327-1397

    1st Vice President              Mike Armstrong                         540-578-1143

    2nd Vice President             Shawn Maddox                                                540-294-0370

    Treasurer                            Austin Cucciardo                            540-336-8719

    Secretary                            Jimmy Csizmadia                                        703-930-1292

    Delegate At Large            Steve Phillips                                         804-807-4928

    Delegate At Large            Robert Paxton                                                         540-537-1347

    Region 1                             Kenneth Buchanan                                                     804-400-8419    

    Region 2                             Mark Showers                                                               540-974-6023

    Region 3                             Matt O’Daniel                                        434-401-5815

    Region 4                             Mike Yingling                                    276-782-2240

    Region 5                             William “Billy” Brown                               757-621-1919

    Region 6                             Jonathon Bowden                                            540-292-4139

    Region 7                             Steve Sites                                                       571-992-3540

    Past President                   Jeremy Luttrell                                    540-664-2900

    VFSB Representative      Ernie Little                                                                     571-383-7316

The Virginia Fire Prevention Association is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 

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