The President of the VFPA is elected for the term of one year (July 1 - June 31), and may not serve more than two consecutive terms in office.  The President is tasked with the following duties: serve as the Chief Executive of the Association during his/her tenure; preside as the officer in charge over trustee and membership meetings, establish and appoint committees and committee chairs and represent the Association at regional, state, and national events. 

The following members have served as past presidents of the association, click on "bio" to read the past presidents bio:  

Jeremy Luttrell

City of Winchester

Term:      2021-2022


Ernie Little 

Prince William County

Term: 2019-2020


Elaine Gall

University of Virginia 

Term: 2017-2018


George Hollingsworth

Fairfax County (retired) 

Term: 2017-2016


Lionel Duckwitz

Fairfax County (retired) 

Term: 2015-2014


James Dawson Jr. 

Chesterfield County 

Term: 2013-2012


Frank Teevan 

City of Manassas (retired)

Term: 2011-2010

Phil Paquette

Goochland County 

Term:  2010-2009

Daniel Rakes

City of Roanoke

Term: 2009-2008

J.D. Mitchell

Loudoun County 

Term: 2008-2007


M.J. Flournoy  - Member Bio 

Hanover County 

Term:  2006-2005


Gary Huffman

Roanoke County 

Term:  2004-2003


Gene Wills 

City of Emporia

Term:  2002-2001


Jan Mitchell

Loudoun County 

Term: 2000-1999


Term: 1998-1997

Grover Smiley 

City of Charlottesville

Term: 1997-1996

Robin Preece

City of Virginia Beach (retired)

Term: 1996-1995

Bernie Rickets

City of Hampton

Term:  1995-1994 

Term: 1994-1993

Steve Eanes

Henry County  

Term: 1993-1992


Steven Saunders

City of Newport News

Term: 1991-1990

Kenneth Sharp 

Roanoke County (deceased)

Term:  1990-1989

Woody Stratton 

James City County 

Term: 1989-1988

William Lloyd

City of Virginia Beach 

Term: 1988-1987


IB George

City of Virginia Beach 

Term: 1986-1985

Alton Miller

Roanoke County (deceased) 

Term: 1985-1984

Term: 1984-1983

Earl S. Taylor 


Term: 1983-1982

Term: 1982-1981

Term: 1981-1980

Term: 1980-1979

Quinn Harris 


Term: 1979-1978

Dennis C. Turlington 

Chesterfield County 

Term: 1978-1977

Frank B. Kyle 

Arlington County 

Term: 1977-1976

Term: 1976-1975

Term: 1975-1974

Howard Summers

State Fire Marshal 

Term: 1974-1973

William Bolling 

City of Bristol 

Term: 1973-1972

Ernest Wood 


Term: 1972-1971

Milton Holland 


Term: 1971-1970

Charles Dismuke

Fairfax County Fire 

Term: 1970-1969

Term: 1969-1968

The Virginia Fire Prevention Association is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 

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